Problems previewing study

I’m trying to preview my study in Prolific (running via Gorilla) but I keep having problems. I managed to preview up until the consent form and I tested the option of not consenting, which ended the study as expected. Now when I try to preview it, I click on start and it automatically sends me to the finish screen. I’ve tried logging in/out, and also using a different browser (Safari and Chrome). I’m using a Mac, but I wonder if this is related to Gorilla or maybe my browser settings?
Any help is appreciated! Thanks,

Hi @brionybanks , welcome to the forum! It could be Gorilla settings - perhaps it’s set up so you resume where you left off, which would be at the end? (Potentially based on IP address or cookies?)

Hi, yes it was Gorilla - because it had registered me as a participant it wouldn’t let me take part again. I had to delete my data and then it worked. Thanks for your help!