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Hi there,
Is there a minimum number of questions you can use in the first study to pre-screen? For the pre-screen, I would use two Prolific filters to help target the population and have just one additional question to obtain the cohort I am looking for. I have used the survey in different populations on other platforms previously so I don’t feel it requires a pilot study.
Many thanks.

Welcome to the forums, Clare

I think one question is fine.

As far as I know there is no minimum number of questions.

There appears to be a minimum amount of payment theoretically one minute at 5.00 UKP per hour but the slider only goes down as far as 5.4 UKP per hour (which is in red and not recommended!).

Since it takes a finite amount of time to get to any study (and possibly copy ones Prolific ID) 1 minute may well be too short for even a survey with one question.

Prolific only sets a limit on the minimum hourly rate, not on the number of questions.


Hi Tim,

Thank you for your response, which is very helpful. This is my first time using Prolific so apologies if I have misunderstood anything. Is there a minimum payment (as opposed to a minimum hourly rate). For example.1 minute of £7.50/hour is 13pence, which may be too little to attract participants but Prolific may also have a limit on the minimum payment amount they are willing to administer.

Many thanks.


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Hey @Clare_Mason, welcome to the community :tada:

There’s no minimum amount that our system can administer. Although, because of our £5/hour minimum rate, the lowest you could pay is about 8p per minute.

Hope that helps!