Prescreening of what a participant does not have

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I want to run a study about the perception of smart home devices, but I am explicitly looking for non-owners. In the prescreening I can choose participants who own a smart home device, but would it be possible to prescreen for non-owners? Put differently, are participants, who did not provide the information of having a smart home device, necessarily non-owners or did they potentially just not provide that information?

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Hey Moritz, welcome aboard! It’s great to have you here :tada:

While we don’t offer a specific prescreen filter for non-owners, we can get pretty close.

For the filter ‘Internet enabled products’ (Participants were asked the following question: Below, you find a list of popular internet connected products. For each product, please select whether you currently own it), select ‘None/Rather Not Say’.

To filter out the people who own home smart devices and would ‘rather not say’, you can use our two-study technique to get your desired sample.

Hope that makes sense! :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot! That’s a super helpful answer. Great job.

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