Prescreening in the description?

I am using a WebGL based video game to study associative learning. I get a lot of returns. I don’t know if people are not reading the requirements in the description, or it just doesn’t work for those people who are returning it Could I put a link in the task description to a “WebGL test” that people would go to and the it would return something like, “The game will run on your system” or “the game will not run on your system” before they click the “Open study in a new tab” button?

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While participants are meant to read the description before participating, in order to take part in Prolific studies, participants often, or usually, alas, I think click on the participate link instantly, as soon as the firefox/chrome add-in alerts them, because there is such a rush of participants waiting to take part.

That said, I think that the test should also be made available in the description to conform to Prolific’s requirement that prescreeners are not contained withing studies.

So, if you were to include a link to a “The game will run on your system” or “the game will not run on your system” type test in the first page of the study, then this would allow participants to return their submissions more quickly but I don’t think its inclusion in the description would result in a change from the current situation. I may be wrong.

I have no idea what WebGL runs on but you can stipulate the type of computer (tablet, phone, desktop) and the OS of the participants main computer in the study set up page, and prescreener respectively.

I am sorry I can’t be of more help.


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I think you’re right- if they don’t read the requirements (windows 7 or above, Fireforx, Edge, opera, or Chrome broswer, full-sized keyboard with left and right control keys) they’re not going to see a link to test their system’s compatibility. I suppose I’ll set the study up as 2 pages. the first page will test their system and report if the experiment will work or not, and if so, then direct them to the game itself.

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That sounds good to me.


thanks for the awesome information.