Prescreened respondents not "seeing" the survey (Custom Allow not working?)

I am curious if anyone has a work around for a problem I have been having across several studies. Put simply, I run prescreening surveys to make sure people qualify to participate. I then use the Custom Allow List to limit the focal study to those participants. I then use the Bulk Message option to let those folks know the survey is available. However, across 4 or 5 studies now, I get message back from people who have been prescreened, are on the allowed list, who I bulk messaged saying they can’t “see” the survey.

Has anyone encountered this issue / have a work around?

It is frustrating that I paid to have the screened, but can’t enroll them in the larger project.

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hi @Russell_Matthews , this sounds frustrating! For troubleshooting:

  1. Have any participants from the custom list been able to sign up for the study/studies?
  2. Have you checked the Prolific ID numbers to make sure the people who can’t see the study are actually on the custom allow list?

I haven’t had this issue specifically, so I can’t suggest a workaround straightaway. It could be a bug and the questions above will help us figure out what’s happening. If you’re under a time crunch, I would also suggest submitting a help request here so that the Prolific team can begin to check it out, in case there is an error of some sort.