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I’m writing to get some help with Prolific’s screeners. My research aims to elicit the value of certain app features. My target sample is located in Canada, aged 18-44, uses a mobile phone on a daily basis, and uses Google apps on their mobile phone.

Is there a screener that filters Google app users? I read about running a two-part study, but my funds are limited so I’m really hoping that there is something built-in that would accomplish this.

In addition, I’m hoping to validate the screener that filters respondents that use a mobile phone on a daily basis. How specific does the wording need to be in order to satisfy the guidelines? As of now, the first question of my survey is a true/false question with the statement “In a typical week, I use a mobile phone on a near daily basis.”

Thank you!

Hi drusu

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I am afraid that there is no pre-screen for Google app use. The nearest (searching for Google) are Google Fi telephone service, Google Plus social media and Google Hangouts chat/messaging.

So I am afraid you would need to

  1. Use the two study approach. Do a prescreener for about .1 UKP till you find your required number of participants x about 1.5 (since not everyone will come back). Assuming that one in 4 people are using Google apps (I am) and you need 100 participants then you would need to spend 100 x 1.5 x 1/0.2 x 0.1 UKP = about 60 UKP to find and get one 100 participants.
  2. Ask for a new prescreener to be created. You might try to think of other cloud technology that people might use to make the prescreener relevant to more people, such as Microsoft 360.
    This could take a while but the relevant thread is here
    Vote For New Screeners

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Dear Drusu

I am sorry I did not answer your second question.

You can use any wording you wish to use but in order to be able to reject the participants on the basis of their answer you must use identical wording to the Pre-screening question and answer. If the question and answer format are identical and they answer differently, then you can direction to a dead-end section of your survey where they are asked to return their submission. There are detailed instructions on how to do this e.g. on Google Forms here below

To be absolutely identical to the prescreening question you would ask
In a typical week, the devices that I use on a near daily basis are: (Check all that apply)
And have check boxes for

  • Mobile Phone
  • Tablet reader
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
  • Desktop
  • I do not use any device on a near daily basis.

I am not sure whether Prolific would allow you to remove all the non relevant ones. I think to be safe I would include them because I think that they might have a small effect on how people answer the Mobile Phone check box.


Hi Tim,

Thank you for your thorough answers. It seems like using the two-study approach would be the best way to recruit the desired sample within my time constraints. I made a suggestion in the voting thread anyways, in case it’s something that others may benefit from in the future.

I appreciate your guidance on the wording of the prescreening question. I will word it precisely as stated to be safe.


Doina Rusu

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