Pre-screen data availability

Is it possible to get access to the pre-screen participation data (partially)? We would like to append some of the data prolific uses to pre-screen participants to our data. This would allow us to ask fewer questions in the questionnaire and get right to the important ones while still being able to control for more demographic variables. My apologies if this has already been answered but I could not find the answer.

Hi Marco and welcome to the Forum!

Yes, it is possible to get data on the pre-screeners and that’s also what I usually do for my experiments!

As an example, think of ‘Sex’. You may want to avoid adding a question in your demographic questionnaire, if you already can get the info through Prolific, right? Then, you just need to select all possible answers to that question — instead of just one or few if you were to use it as a real filter — as in the example below:

Note that all the pre-screeners selected in this way will reduce the number of the eligible participants, because you need them to have replied to that question (for example, someone that preferred not to reply, just skipped answering the question instead of selecting “Prefer not to say”). Hence, my suggestion is pick only those you really need.

Hope this helps clarifying a bit!

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Just to add to @Veronica’s excellent answer, you can find a list of all the prescreening data you get by default here

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