Please Differentiate the two meanings of "Timed Out"

I see that Prolific now has two types of timing out.

  1. Did not start taking the study withing the reservation five minutes, and
  2. Did not complete the study within the maximum completion time.

This is very good because it means that participants will be more likely to read the study description before they jump in.

However, both types of timing out are refered to as “Timed Out” in the study summary page, and this is, and will continue to confuse researchers. Please see

I therefore suggest that 2, the old type of timed-out, continues to be called “Timed Out” whereas the status of participants who have reserved be
Reservation expired
Reservation Lapsed
or just (perhaps with a mouse over explanation

Also, as requested before, it would be really really helpful and inclusive and happy-making if “community leaders” were to be informed of GUI changes so that we may better help the community.