Pending Payment and no money in account after a month


I am currently a psychology postgraduate @ Goldsmiths, and I need some urgent help.

I have had my payment processed and I have an invoice and a purchase order (from my University) and they said it would take up to 2 weeks (as of the 04/08/22). I waited and sent a follow-up email around this as it was taking longer than expected. I managed to confirm a few days ago that the payment will be through by 02/09/22.

As of right now, in my finance account there is a payment, however it has been stuck on pending since the 4th of august. I have not heard from anyone via my support ticket (or anywhere for that matter) I sent yesterday to ensure that the payment has gone through prolifics end, and I am kind of at my wits end as I need participants for this study by the end of next week. I was hoping someone could help me out as it has almost been a month and I am a little scared on what to do right now!