Peer-rated survey and tool recommendations

I would like to have a peer-rated survey.
The participants recommend a co-worker who will rate one of their scores.
Is this possible?

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Hey Cynthia, welcome to the community! Glad you’re here :tada:

Unfortunately, we don’t have a filter targeting your needed sample. Would their co-workers need to be on Prolific to do the rating?

Thanks for your response.
No, they don’t have to be on Prolific.
Which website would you recommend for questionnaires?


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It may be difficult to get co-workers to participate in the study since there’s no guarantee that participants will be able to convince anyone. You can try it, but it will be a risky strategy unfortunately.

We don’t recommend any particular software, but many of our researchers use Qualtrics, Gorilla, Typeform and Google Forms :slight_smile:

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