Paying participants to make research stimuli and MORE --Too MTurky?

The Prolific TOS stipulates that prolific be used to carry out “stud[ies], pre-designed by that Researcher.”

Recently I have been doing research on Japanese hospitality such as speaking in a high pitched voice when welcoming customers to establishments. I was looking for two videos, of someone saying the same thing in a low and in a high pitched voice. Eventually I paid someone on a Japanese crowd-sourcing site to make the videos.

Would it be possible in the future to ask participants to make research stimuli such as videos, or recordings (including intellectual rights waivers), or is this possible currently?

If participants can be asked to create such stimuli, then how about teaching materials? I could use some text readings, and TOEIC like listening questions for use in English language education.

Or is this too MTurky? A slippery slope?

Our terms of service do state that participants should be sent pre-designed studies. However, we have seen researchers use the platform in different ways. It’s something we’re keeping an eye on :slightly_smiling_face: