Pay button not working

Hi everyone,
I have been having issues with paying my invoices. I created several invoices but when I clicked the ‘Pay’ button, it doesn’t take me to the payment dialogue box. Instead, it redirects me to the draft section of my project. Anyone having the same issue? Or perhaps you have an answer to this issue?
I tried contacting them, but they are still waiting for their engineers to provide some solution.
Thank you.

Dear Robin

I have not experienced that issue. Other than support, I can only suggest

  1. that you have a pop up blocker that is preventing the pop-up of the pay
    dialogue (assuming that it is somethign that pops-up). I find that turning
    up the sound on the system alerts the user to the flashing pop-up blocker
    functionality where-ever it is (it depends on the browser).
  2. Conceivably but unlikely is some add blocking or other add-in might
    do the same thing so you could try restarting your browser with add-ins
    3 Ways to Start Firefox in Safe Mode - wikiHow
  3. You could try a different browser.
  4. If time is of the essence and this works for you paperwork wise
    then you could add funds to your account and then use these to
    run your study rather than paying invoices.

I am sorry I can’t be of more use,


Dear Tim,

Thanks for the response! I really appreciate it.

The pop-up blocker is worth checking but when I tried the ‘add fund’ option, the pop-up to enable me to put my bank details actually works so that couldn’t be it.

I will try a different browser to see if it works.

As for adding fund, I will have to check with my finance department. I am not sure if they are willing to do so without invoices.

You have been very helpful. I tried to get answers from the Prolific team but it has been two weeks and they kept saying their engineers haven’t got back to them.

Thanks for your help.


They finally fixed it!