I have set up a study on Prolific. After I have published it, participants kept messaging me and informing me that they failed to begin the study. When they opened the link and they received this message: “Participant ID missing from inbound URL.”. Do you mind taking a look at my prolific study account and see if something is not properly set up?

Could I edit my Prolific study now to make changes so that this error could be fixed?

Could you kindly advise any steps to be taken to fix this issue?

Thank you so much!

You’d need to explain what is on the receiving end: A qualtrics survey?

When you add a questionnaire url to the prolific project, prolific appends the “?PID=XX” tags to it. But it is possible to edit/break those.

I would look at the url in prolific to see if it contains the tags, and remove and re-add the URL too try fixing it automatically.

Dear Tim,

Thanks for your response! The receiving end is a study set up on Gorilla. I guess if I could edit the URL in Prolific, it may solve the problem. However, since the study was published, I could not edit any of the study details. Do you know how I could make changes to a published project on Prolific?

Thanks again for your help!