Participants thrown to submission page without participating

My participants try to participate in a second session of a two-session experiment, and upon starting, they get a strange button that when they press it - they are thrown out of the experiment being told that they’re submission is complete!
Anyone knows what this is?

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Hey @Jaron_Breitman, welcome to the community!

Does this button appear in Prolific or your survey software?

If it’s in your survey software, it could be the case that your completion link has misplaced within your survey.

Thanks, Josh. I really can’t say for sure. I tend to believe that they don’t get to Gorilla, as they’re telling me they’re seeing nothing but Prolific. However, they do report seeing a red button that says start (which I do have on my Gorilla), however, they see nothing but this button, and I don’t have a screen with a single button.

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In that case, I would pause your study, if you haven’t already, and send a request to our support team who’s better placed to deal with any technical problems. If you can obtain screenshots of what participants are seeing and send it as part of your request, that would be very helpful.

Once you have a support ticket number, let me know what it is and I’ll make sure it’s prioritised :slight_smile:

Thanks, Josh. I think I may have figured it out. Wait a sec. Will come back with a resolution.

Well. Some are accepted, some aren’t. It has to do with a delay I’ve set on Gorilla (which doesn’t accept participants before a certain delay) - but it didn’t act consistently.
Here’s one thing that a participants told me:
“it failed in google and succeeded in google chrome .all done there thanks”
Beats me!

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So it’s all sorted?

It is! Here’s why this happened:
Gorilla has a mechanism that’s called “delay”, which is used to guarantee participants do not return to a second session (in a longitudinal study) earlier than they are supposed to. You specify a duration in a “Redirect” node, which, according to Gorilla, prevents users to enter your study before a certain time. The problem is that the way Gorilla has implemented that is that if you have participants who tried to enter the experiment earlier than they are supposed to, they log into Prolific, go to Gorilla, which accepts them in, and then throws them out - WITH THE RETURN CODE!!!
That’s a Prolific-Gorilla integration problem that has cost me lots of time and money!
My solution was to not using this feature in Gorilla and reinforce the required time delay in a multi-session longitudinal study ONLY in Prolific.

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Wonderful - good to hear! :slight_smile: