Participants questionnaire can't be found in Qualtrics

Hi, Sorry to bother you. I met a problem that because we conducted the survey by importing external links (Qualtrics), but the ID of awaiting review on Prolific could not be found on the Qualtrics (which means lack Corresponding questionnaire data), I would like to know what the reason is. It’s urgent.
Thank you, and looking forward your reply.

Today is the deadline to check, but I can’t reject them,

Dear Qin Lin

We are advised to pass the Prolific ID to Qualtrics either by a URL or by having participants enter their ID directly. I am afraid I don’t know what can go wrong with the former since I am unfamiliar with Qualtrics.

If you don’t have data for some of the subjects you can try asking those subjects to return their submissions, and some of those that simply did not do the study may oblige by doing so.

That is, I am afraid, all I can suggest. I am sorry I can’t help more. My guess is that you have not heard from support because there is little that they can do either, imho.


Dear Tim
Thank you for your reply, I have sent email to these participants.

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