Participant numbers fluctuating wildly

I’m running my first study which yesterday had around 1000 eligible participants. Overnight this has dropped to around 250 without me changing anything, and I’ve not had any sign-ups in the past few hours at all. By comparison I had about 14 people take part yesterday in a period of a few hours.
I tried duplicating the study and relaxing a few of the pre-screening restrictions (e.g. previous approval rate), but paradoxically this has reduced the eligible participants even further to just 61.
Is there something I’m doing wrong, or is this just Prolific cleaning up its user database of inactive participants and there are far fewer available than it initially appeared?
Thanks in advance for any help!

hi @freya_watkins, welcome to the forum!
This seems really weird. @Jon do you have any ideas about what happened here? If nothing changed on the front end I wonder if it is in fact coming from the back end

Thanks for the reply @paul, @Jon sent me a direct message yesterday which I’ve just replied to!

As a small update, I added a few more slots today just to see what would happen and seem to be getting participants filling the slots again at the previous speed, but the “Eligible participants” has now gone down further, from 267 to “Fewer than 25”.