Participant feedback on Inquisit surveys

Anyone out there using Inquisit for their survey design? Spotted some participant feedback from late last week on some trouble they experienced in completing a survey:

I really do wish that researchers would stop using Inquisit. Most times, I donโ€™t have any problems, but not today.
On a study I completed and was about to submit, Inquisit opened a separate window behind the one I was working in and that window had the Completion Code. As I tried to find the code, the survey opened again, went Full Screen and took over my desktop.
I was unable to close/quit/escape it. Instead of shutting down, I sat there retaking the survey and clicking the letter โ€œIโ€ to get through it quickly. After getting to the end, I very carefully sifted through all of my windows, found the Code and was able to submit the study.
Thankfully, I had a beer at hand to keep me company.

Sounds idiosyncratic to meโ€ฆ has this sort of feedback been common?

Not too common fortunately - this one appeared both in the participant subreddit and through Support, so figured it may be worth flagging here in case itโ€™s useful!