Participant exclusion error: based on previous study participation

Dear Prolific Community,

I have been experiencing this bug for a few days now. I contacted customer support, but they have not replied back to me. I am getting a bit desperate as I really need to launch the study.

I would like to exclude participants based on their participation in previous studies. I have run similar studies on Prolific, so it is absolutely crucial that I get to exclude them from participating in the new study to minimize the demand effect. I checked to make sure that all studies are ‘completed’ (or at least appear so on my dashboard).

However, when I tried using the ‘exclude participants’ feature, Prolific keeps giving me the error message.
I also tried excluding participants from creating the ‘block list’. Yet, it keeps recognizing a space, when there isn’t any. I double/triple-checked my participant list using the search/replace function on excel, notepad… everything.

If anyone knows how to fix this bug, please please let me know.

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Unfortunately it seems a current bug that also other users are experiencing.

@Sheila or @Josh might be able to come back with more info on the bug and especially on when it is epxected to be fixed. In the meantime, I’d have suggested you to use the Custom Blocklist option in the Custom Screener section, but I read that you’re experiencing a bug with that option too.

Let’s wait for updates from Prolific Team…



Hey @Libby_Chun, I see that you managed to get in touch with our support team, and the issue was resolved. Let me know if you run into any other trouble :slight_smile: