Participant didn't pass screening question initially made a second attempt to get pass it

Hi everyone! I’m a researcher who is conducting a survey online via Qualtrics on Prolific. I have unfortunately made a mistake where participants were able to access the same survey again after their first attempt.

I was recruiting people of colour for my study and a participant answered that they were not a person of colour in their first attempt, and they said they were the second time. I am going to discard their response from my dataset anyway but I’m thinking about how I should resolve on Prolific.

Should I still pay them? Should I request a return? Or should I reject them straight away?

Would really appreciate your help and what you would do in this situation! Thanks!

If you are selecting people of colour, you should have screened candidates based on their ethnicity and only chosen people of colour before publishing the study. If you didn’t screen participants based on it, then Im guessing, you can’t reject them.

Also downloading the demographics and then searching for the participant and checking their ethnicity will help you to determine whether the participant was actually a person of colour.

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It could be that they were not sure if they were people of colour or not. Indians, East Asians, South East Asians, people of middle eastern descent may rate themselves as persons of colour and as white.

You could start out by asking them why they took the survey twice and rated themselves differently.