Partial payments to some participants

Hi there!

I am finalizing the payments to partcipants.

I did a study in which we asked for some data from partcipants’ Spotify listening history (to find target partcipants with an active Spotify account, I first did a screen survey).

For some partcipants, their Spotify account was not active enough so we could not get data from their Spotify. In this case, they also could not continue with the study. I am wondering if this fits the case of partial payments. If so, can someone help me to inform the partcipants to return the submissions and I can make some partial payments.

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Hi Yu!

A suggestion from my side, is thinking about running a custom study next time you face a situation like this: in your study 1 you can select those that are eligible (in your example “the active people on Spotify”) to take part in study 2.

For your case, did you state it in the Instructions that some would not have had the chance to finish the study because of some eligibility criteria? Also, I would have probably asked them to return their submissions on the very last page they saw.

Hope it helps!
Anyway, let’s wait for someone of the Prolific Team for a final word on this :slight_smile:

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Hi Veronica,

Thanks for sharing your ideas! I indeed ran two studies: (1) a custom study and (2) a main study. In the first study, I asked partcipants two questions: (1) whether they have an active Spotify account that has been used for three months, and (2) if so, whether they would like to be informed about the main study.

It appears that for a very few partcipants (10/300), they said they had an active Spotify account in study1 (custom study). But in the main study, we found that their account is not “active” enough (they only used it occasionally), so they can not continue the study.

It’s indeed a nice suggestion to ask then to return to their submissions on the very last page they saw.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey @Yu_Liang,

Everything @Veronica’s said is correct!

But to get a question of partial payments answered, get in contact with our team who will be able to give you a definitive answer, because it may require a bit of investigation.

Once you do, let me know what your support ticket number is and I’ll make sure it’s prioritised :slight_smile:

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