Partial payment

I want to pay partially for people who do not meet the study requirements (earlier screening questions that Prolific does not screen for, i.e., parent’s occupation in science fields ) or failed attention check, how can we do that?

Dear Enav

It is easy to pay a smaller amount – by paying them a bonus.

However, it may be slightly more difficult rejecting these participants
from receiving full payment if

  1. The participants haven’t returned their submission
    (meaning that they agree they should not be paid in full)
  2. You go over the number of permitted rejections.

If the participants have returned their submissions or you have been able to reject them, you are then free to pay bonuses to them of a lesser amount. (You can also pay bonuses to increase the amount too).

Further, upon reading your post again, I should point out that the rules of Prolific do not allow for screening for things (such as parent’s occupation in science fields) in the study. The standard way of approaching this is to carry out a preliminary study to find such participants and then to invite them back to the main study.

Again, participants have to fail more than one attention check (if the study is longer than 5 minutes in duration) to be rejected.

I am sorry if this is bad news m(._.)m