Our Winners - £10k Grant Competition

Our Winners

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of Prolific’s first ever £10K Research Grant Competition!

After an extensive review process by our internal panel, our first place winner is (drumroll!! :drum:):

Die young, live fast? Does the feeling that you’ll die young, no matter what you do, encourage unhealthy behaviour and worsen health inequalities?

This proposal was submitted by @Gillian_Pepper and @Richard_Brown representing Northumbria University. They will be awarded £4,700 to carry out their study.

Because our winners didn’t apply for the full grant amount, we had money to spare! So we’ve awarded £5,300 to our runners-up to conduct their study:

Feel & Think: Exploring different sensory modalities and memory as frontlines against infectious disease

This proposal was submitted by researchers from the William James Center for Research, University of Aveiro, and Purdue University, led by @Sonia_Santos

Thank You!

We received +100 grant proposals and +2K votes. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!

We were absolutely blown away by the response, and the quality of the submissions.

Until next time!..