oTree and Prolifiic

Hi there,

This is the first time I will be using Prolific to run my experiment. This is also my first time coding an experiment. And after reading some online materials on Prolific and oTree, I am still a bit of confused on how to properly integrate the two. I have read Running oTree on Prolific for Beginners | Dallas Novakowski which is extremely useful. But then in the oTree website, it is advised to use oTree HR. This second option seems quite easy for beginners like me. However, I still am not sure about a few things:

  1. If I use oTree HR, do I still need to create participant_label, set up my ini.py file and settings.py file as mentioned in Running oTree on Prolific for Beginners | Dallas Novakowski?
  2. How do I create completionlink?
  3. How do I create url and otree-reset-key in oTree HR?

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. I feel really lost right now.

Hi @Anwesha_Bandyopadhyay,

  1. I think you’ll want to if you want to set up your study such that your participants don’t need to manually input their Prolific ID #'s.

  2. I believe your study completion link can be generated on the Prolific side. As you indicated you plan on deploying your study via oTree Hub (I think that’s what you meant), I’d consult instructions provided on your oTree HR. On HR, add your url, click on ‘Prolific’, add your session code (from your oTree app), and follow the instructions you see after clicking ‘Configure’.

  3. Your otree reset key can be set on the Heroku side. Go to your app dashboard, click on settings, and add your reset key under ‘Config Vars’ after clicking ‘Reveal Config Vars’.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your study :slight_smile:

@sk497 Thank you so much for your reply. I am unable to figure out what is this rest key. Also, the link that oTree Hub provided me doesn’t work. So I am using the link that Heroku has provided me.

@Anwesha_Bandyopadhyay I’ll DM you for further help!