Open source or low cost qualitative (video) survey tool?

Are there any free, low cost or Open source survey tools that can record participants’ computer?

having a hard time finding something that is more accessible ($)

Looked at Unipark, SoSci Survey, oTree and Tatool but don’t seem to offer that functionality


Hi - sounds like something we’re able to assist with at Canvass ( Feel free to drop me a note at and we can discuss further

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Thanks @levistoddard
Is there a demo/video of how it works?

Also: where are videos stored?

Hi — the videos are stored with Amazon Web Services. We have a feature to export all videos within a particular response to a zip file to be downloaded to keep your own copy. We don’t have any pre-recorded demos but feel free to schedule a live demo with us via our website

That being said … I just re-read your question and sounds like you may be looking for software which records the participants screen, whereas Canvass is for the participants to record videos of themselves via their webcam in response to your questions

Yes, was looking for software to record participants’ screen, but will bookmark your software as it might come handy, thanks!