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Hi, this is Xiaojing. May I ask a question about how to collect additional data for the same study? I ran a study a week ago, and I now need more participants. Since it is the same survey, I created a copy of the same study on Prolific. Do I just launch the study copy? Is there any mechanism on Prolific that prevents the same participants from taking the survey again? Thank you for your help in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


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Hi Xiaojing, thanks for your question!

The best way to do this is to apply pre-screening before you launch your study.

To exclude participants from a previous study from participating again please follow these steps:

  1. When creating a study, scroll down to the Audience section.
  2. Add a new custom screening filter and search for “Previous Studies”.
  3. Select the names of the studies whose participants you wish to exclude from taking part in the new study.
  • If newly completed studies do not appear on this list, you may need to refresh the page and they should appear.
  • Applying the “Previous Studies” screener will also exclude participants who have Returned or Timed Out submissions in your previous study.

Please note: The previous studies you want to block must be in the “Completed” section of your dashboard. These are studies that have been stopped and all participants submissions have been reviewed with payment complete.

I hope this helps, please just let me know if you have any more questions!

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Thank you for your quick response, Charlie. I appreciate it! Also, apologies for posting my question as a reply to all. I am new to the forum. So, I am probably not following the rules. If you can delete or hide my question, then that would be great. Thanks very much again!


You’re very welcome Xiaojing!

No need to apologise, you didn’t do anything wrong :slightly_smiling_face: Replies are public so other members of the community can learn from your questions and our answers.

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This is a very interesting information! I’ve always used the “Blocklist” for this purpose, but I think this tool is more effective and efficient. Great to know!

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Glad it’s useful!