NOCODE (How to fix)


I have launched a pilot questionnaire, but I have found “NOCODE” under the “COMPLETION CODE”, would you please let me know how to fix this? I suspect it could be the issue of redirectional URL, but I am not sure how to fix it. Thanks in advance.



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Hey @Aaron, welcome to the community!

NOCODE just means that the participant completed the study manually and not via the completion code you provided.

This usually occurs for one of two reasons:

  1. It could be a technical problem with your redirect URL: The participant reached the end of your survey, but were not redirected back to Prolific via the completion URL for some technical reason. Therefore, they had no way to access the completion code and had to submit without one, or instead submitted the wrong code.
  • These cases should be approved as normal if there is no issue with the submission; you should check your survey data to ensure that they fully participated in your study, and you can also use their completion time to gauge the likelihood that they did reach the end of your survey.
  1. The participant decided to leave your study early, or could not proceed because of some technical issue. Instead of returning their submission, they have submitted without a completion code or with the wrong completion code by mistake, and appear in your ‘awaiting review’ list. If the data they submitted is incomplete, then it is likely this.

Is there one that seems more likely?

(We’ve got an article all about NOCODE here if you’d like to learn more) :slight_smile:

Hi @Josh, I have experienced a technical problem: All the individuals with NOCODE actually completed the study and those with an actual completion code were not recorded at all on the qualtrics database.
I am trying to understand whether the problem is linked with clicking the external html link at the end of the survey which basically leads the form not to be recorded on Qualtrics. Is this a known issue?

This isn’t an issue I’ve come across before unfortunately. It’s likely that there’s a problem with the technical set up of the study on the Qualtrics end. The best thing to do would be to contact Qualtrics support, as we’re not familiar with how their systems work.

Alternatively, you could contact a participant who experienced the error to see what their experience was?

Sorry that I can’t offer more help!