New Attention Check Failure Redirect Feature

If participants fail a comprehension check after reading a scenario I won’t be able to use any data they then produce so I want to direct them out of the survey at this point rather than waste their time. I did this through the new attention check code but now I seem to have to report these participants in order not to pay them.

What do others do in this situation?

Hi Julia, welcome aboard! :tada:

This new process aims to make identifying participants who do not provide good quality data easier. To not pay them, you need to reject them as usual. You can also report these participants if you’d like.

Let me know if anything’s still unclear :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your answer Josh!
At this point they have just got one wrong but one is enough for us not to waste their time asking them all the measures as we wont be able to use them. Is this still the same and better than simply directing them out?

Also, I am sure there is a simple solution and I am not noticing it, but the red cross is gone. How do I reject them?

Yes, since they’ve only failed one, it would be preferable if you direct them out and asked them to ‘return’ their submission.

That’s strange, could you send me a screenshot of your submission approval page? :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your response Josh.

Okay I will do this from now on.

I will ask these participants to return it and then make the changes to the survey.

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When you click on the flag, which options does it give you?