Nationally representative sample + exclude previous participants

Hi all,

I’m running a nationally representative study, aiming to recruit 1500 participants in total. As the survey is quite complex, I ran an initial study with just 500 participants, with the idea of then running a duplicate study and recruiting the next 1000 once I knew that everything was working well with the data collection. Do you know if it is possible to run a nationally representative sample and also include the prescreener to exclude participants from previous studies? I can’t seem to get both options to work at once.

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Hello Nicole,

with rep samples it is not possible to use any other prescreeners. Nevertheless, the recommendation by Prolific for such case is to run a duplicate study and exclude any existing participants using “Previous Studies” screening [see the bottom of this page].

I made a trial and I encountered the same problem as you: I couldn’t get both (rep sample + previous studies screening). My guess is that one has to contact the Team with the usual form asking for this filter to be applied. But maybe there’s something I’m missing and @Josh can shed light on this. :boom:


Yep, the best thing to do is to contact the team :slight_smile: