Multi-part study with Redirect Node in Gorilla?

Hello everyone,
I’m setting up a multi-part study in Gorilla. The study has three parts that will be carried out in three consecutive days. Payment can be delayed until completion of all parts of the study according to this programme, because we really need them to complete the entire study.
My question is: do I need a custom allowlist? Because this would imply that I had to contact the participants to remind them of second part of the study, which we do not want to do.
If, as suggested here (Gorilla integration guide – Prolific) I simply add a Redirect Node (Gorilla) at the point in my experiment that I want each stage to end, will this allow the participants to return to the experiment from where they left off in the next Node of my experiment tree, provided that they have the link to the experiment and they are previously informed of the experiment programme and of payment conditions?

I can’t think of any way to do it that wouldn’t require you to split the payment. The only other way I can think to do it without creating separate studies and using the custom allowlist would be to pay them a fair amount for completing the first one, and then paying them the rest of the full amount at the end via a bonus payment when they’ve completed all three sections. I don’t know Gorilla, but at least in Qualtrics, I could set it up so that upon completing the first part, it would automatically send them a message on Prolific with links to the follow-up parts. (Which I guess for you would either mean just re-sending them the original survey link or setting up the other branches as separate surveys with embedded data that would determine the branch.)

I know you said you really would prefer to delay payment until the end, but I’ll also note that at least with every research ethics board I’ve worked with, they really don’t like when people do that because depending on the amount of payment, they see it as unduly coercing the person to complete the study even if they would prefer to quit earlier, especially given the time expenditure.