More feedback about ongoing payments/bonuses


A feature that I would love is more feedback that shows that you have ongoing payments that are being processed. Payments, especially bulk bonus payments (well, even bonus payments to 1 or 2 participants at a time) take a very long time to be processed and to then be shown on the dashboard of a study. There’s nothing showing me that something is still going on once I have sent the payment.

I have regularly send bonus payments twice or not realised that no bonus payments have been sent. Which means I lose money or spend extra time trying to find out who I missed in terms of bonus payments.

Maybe I will be more reassured with an API that what I am doing is working :slight_smile:

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I agree with this point. For me, I’ve attempted to award a bonus payment while another is still being processed, which results in all the information being cleared out. The workaround is to keep refreshing the page until the previous payment shows up, before starting to submit the next one.


I agree with the refreshing strategy. Although, I sometimes keep refreshing for quite a while, there’s no changes, I think there was a bug or issue, so I send bonuses again, and bim I just paid bonuses twice…

This is still not actioned as far as I can tell. Bonus payments still take a very long time and no way to identify ongoing bonuses.

P.S. One workaround is to keep a local database with your own status codes and regularly check for updates. E.g. if paying a bonus to a PP with id 123 and the payment endpoint returns a success, then set the status of PP 123 in your own database to “payment in progress” and check regularly if payment is completed. Then, use your own database to never sent a payment with someone who is “payment in progress”.