Missing balance after top-up

Hey everyone, this is my first post here. Last Friday, I used my credit card to top-up my account balance so I could publish a study. I had scheduled it for publishing later that day. When I decided to publish it early, there seemed to be an error as nothing happened, and the study was returned to my drafts. However, when I try to publish it now, Prolific tells me that I have a balance of GBP 0.00 and need to top-up again. Is there anything that went wrong here? Would love some help here, thanks.

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Hi akambel,

I’m wondering whether this was resolved? I encountered the same thing. I added a large amount, but it shows that the finance is 0.

But the invoice is paid, and it also shows up on my credit card.


Dear Phil

I can’t speak for Akambel (to whom I am sorry I did not respond) but I had a similar problem which turned out to be because I had funds in a different workspace.

The list of workspaces is not even shown by default so it can hide ones funds quite easily. You first have to click on the tiny down arrow to show the list of workspaces. I think that this list should be expanded by default. Perhaps it is expanded by default. I am not sure but the fact that there are hidden workspaces should, imho, be more obvious.

In one of my workspaces, shown at the top of the list (I think the selected workspace should be highlighted in some way rather than just be indicated by being at the top) there are currently no funds

Clicking on another workspace (the default workspace called “My Workspace” in my case) I found my missing funds.

Your problem may well be very different and require contact with support, but I found my missing funds in the above manner.


Thank you so much for the detailed response.
I am pretty sure that I am looking at the correct workspace (the other workspace also does not have the missing fund). I checked with my bank, and they also approved the transaction.
Later I tried to add $1, and this was successful.
I’ve contacted support, and haven’t seen any further news after 24 hours…

Dear Phil

Sorry, yes, my response was a long shot I am sorry to hear that support has not got back to you .I guess that support is the biggest cost a prolific and and I know that they can take a while (I think I have heard of a two day wait for some issues). In the case of bank transfers I have heard of transfer times of over one week from some countries at some times of year

I hope that the funds appear soon, and I am sorry I can’t help.


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Thanks, Tim. One of the Prolific researchers responded to me yesterday, suggesting that Prolific withheld the amount when I published the studies (I called API to publish the studies and didn’t notice that the balance was 0).

Although there seems a small mismatch, I think my problem was resolved.

Thank you for much for your help!

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