Messaging Issues

Hi, has anyone been experiencing issues accessing the Messages section of their account? This has been problematic as of this morning Australian Eastern Time from about 7:30am and still now?

Either I click Messages it runs really slowly, or I click it and it kicks me back to Studies (more so the latter).

Have tried multiple browsers, and on mobile and laptop.


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Seems to have sorted itself out :slight_smile:

Hmmm… spoke too soon! Now it gives me a pop up message “you appear to be offline …”. Speedtest shows good speeds, and I can do other things in Prolific just fine. I’m going to analyse some data and try again tomorrow.

Hi Cary,
I have personally never experienced such an error.
However, looking on Reddit it seems that another researcher reported a similar bug in the past.

Just to better understand, have you received any email notifying you received new messages from a participant? Ore were you about to contact one?

Sorry for not being much of a help here!

Having the same issues as @Cary_Lee. Issue started yesterday and seems to be the same today.



Hey @sos_team and @Cary_Lee, thanks for bringing this to our attention!

We’re very sorry for any issues this is causing you. Our engineering team is aware of the problem, and they’re working hard to get it fixed.

I’ll let you know as soon as I have an update :slight_smile:

Thank you @Veronica

Your post is helpful! Firstly, I was hoping to find a r/ Prolific community. Even though that one seems more for respondents, it does give us a greater insight into the population.

Secondly, I have noticed that the emails to notify of new messages seems not as consistent, but I thought that was potentially caused by my University’s email server. My usage of the Messaging Tab is more me contacting respondents as they complete a survey prior to a focus group. Unfortunately, although many ‘confirm’ they will attend, they fail to do so an hour or so later (that’s another rant!).

On the positive side, the Messaging function seems back to normal now. I do however appreciate your follow up.


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Thank you @Josh - all seems good from my end, and hopefully @sos_team is working ok now?

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That’s good to hear. Our engineering team recently released a fix :slight_smile: