Messaging: email notifications still not being sent

I can see that this issue has been reported already in May and unfortunately it is still not fixed.
We are piloting a focus group set up with a group of colleagues. As it is a two-step study (first intake, the focus group is planned later in the day) we have to heavily rely on the Prolific messaging system working correctly and timely!

Unfortunately none of us has received any notification by email. We were expecting invitations for the study and internal follow up messages.


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I just want to agree with Agnieszka that the fact that Prolific messages don’t currently result in email notifications (or not as far as I can tell anyway) is a bit of a problem. For my part it means I sometimes miss messages from participants. It is also an issue for recruitment in longitudinal surveys, where it would be really useful to be able to notify eligible participants that the next wave is available. (Currently you can message participants to remind them the next wave is available, but it achieves very little if they only see the message if they log in to Prolific). Obviously I understand that you will want to give users of the platform the choice to opt out of email notifications, but having no email notification for messages as the default doesn’t seem ideal.