Message subset of Allowlist?

I launched a follow-up questionnaire after my initial study, and used an Allowlist to send it to the ~200 participants I am actually using in my data. In a few days I wanted to follow-up with the participants who haven’t taken it yet. Is there a way to do this?


Dear Adam

I can’t think of a way of bulk messaging a subset of the allowlist using the GUI.

But you could

  1. copy your IDs from the follow up study, copy the complete list of the initial study, to the same excel file and use
    Find and remove duplicates
    to remove duplicates and then create the email addresses of the participants ProlificID using the excel concatenate function.

  2. go through the initial study and one by one clicking the check box to left of the IDs that have not yet taken the follow up, and then clicking on the “message” button.

  3. Another way would be to stop the follow up study from the action menu top right, copy your follow up study using the “Copy Study” again from the action menu. The copy should exclude those that have taken your follow up study. Then start this copied study. As a result those that have not yet taken it should be alerted at least when they log into Prolific, and possibly by email too (depending upon their notification settings).

You may wish to ask for a new feature (there may be one already

I wish I could make features happen!


hey @Adam_Goodkind & @timtak
There’s an option to “bulk message” participants with a list of Prolific PIDs (comma-separated). Since you have the allowlist just make sure it’s comma separated then follow the instructions on this help page to bulk message all participants in a study. You could remove the folks who already completed the followup or just phrase the message generically “For those of you who have not completed the followup, …”

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Thank you Paul!

Adam, I am sorry about that. I had not used that function and did not check for its existence.

I will try to be more careful in future.

Thanks and apologies again,


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Thanks @timtak and @paul for all your help!

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