Message from/to participants

I found a strange thing regarding inbox message yesterday.

  1. We have ran the same experiment for eight times and we used to receive at least 10 messages from participants during the experiment. But yesterday, we got nothing. Our data suggested that participants might encounter same problems as previous, but strangely, none of them contacted us as past participants did.
    Since we got some replies from participants who had chatted with as before, we assume that the problem only happens to people who never contact us before.

  2. We also found that when we message participants who recruited yesterday, there’s no study title in the message box. For previous participants, we can always see which study they were involved in and whether we approved their submissions or not in the chat box. But this time, it’s blank.

  3. Bulk Message didn’t work. We tried to use it to message some participants who joined our study yesterday, but it appears that the message didn’t reach them. So we have to send them message one by one in the end.

Do anyone know what happens?

Thank you.


It seems that the pattern you are describing could be due to some bug. If this is the case, you may want to write to the Support via this Form: Submit a request – Prolific
They can look at it from the inside and spot if there’s anything wrong going on.

When you get a ticket number for your request, you can contact @Jon (the new manager of the forum :boom:) by DM and provide him with it. I’m sure he can help prioritize the request with the team.

Sorry if I cannot be of more help!

Dear @Veronica

Thank you. We have contacted Prolific Support Team this morning. Hopefully we can hear from them soon.

Best regards,


Thanks for flagging this up! There’s a fair number of users reporting similar issues with messaging generally (particularly payment approvals, bulk messaging, and general visibility), and our engineering team are currently investigating. Bear with us on this one, and hopefully we’ll get it back on track as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your help. Will I get notified when problems are solved?

@YU-CHUN_HUANG from what I’m seeing now the broader messaging issue appears to be resolved, so you should be able to send/receive messages normally. Support should also be able to update you more specifically on your ticket as well.

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