Manually Set Maximum Completion Time


Is there a way to manually set the maximum completion time? I’m concerned that the automatically set completion time is inaccurate and may encourage participants to spend more time on the study than they need to, thereby inflating the costs. From what I’ve read it sounded like there was a way to pay users up to a maximum amount based on my own calculations.

I’ve tested my study with users and I know it can take 20 - 60 minutes to complete depending on the user. I would like to describe the study as taking 54 minutes to complete so that Prolific participants are aware that they may end up spending that much time on it, even though many of my users only spent 33 minutes on the study.

Therefore, I would like to set the maximum completion time as 60 minutes. However the problem is that when I enter ‘54 minutes’, the maximum time is set to 130 minutes, which is way too long for the task either way you look at it. How do I manually adjust the maximum completion time?

Thank you.

Hey Lesia, welcome to the community!

Participants will only be rewarded the amount you have set as the study reward, regardless of the time they take. So, even if they use up all the maximum completion time, you will still pay the set amount for the submission.

You can read a little more about this in our article Estimated and average reward per hour.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile: Let me know if I can clarify anything

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Hi Josh,


There’s a screenshot of a page in the link you posted, and I can see that you can determine timings and payment in that page. But I have not seen this page while setting up my study so far. Do you know which part of the study set-up process the screen shot in your link is from?

I’ve created my study as a draft, and at the bottom of the draft editing page I have the option to ‘save as draft’, ‘preview’, or ‘publish’. Is there another stage after ‘publish’? I’ve been afraid to click ‘Publish’ in case it really does publish my study without having sorted out the timing and payments properly.

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No worries :grin:

Apologies, that screenshot is from an older version of the platform. We’re in the process of updating your help centre articles.

There’s no extra stage after publish.

Sorry for the confusion!