Manually excluding some participant IDs

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Hope you are well. This is my first time running an experiment on Prolific. In some of the sessions of my experiment, some participants, although requested to return their submissions, did not do so. The reason behind this request was that one session had an an unintentional technical glitch in the study link and in other cases, the participants were not participating in the study despite clicking the link and as a result no one else could participate. However, these participants have not yet returned their submissions and we are under a deadline to finish our experiment. Given this, would it be possible to manually exclude these participants from my next sessions? One problem is that I had to stop some of these sessions so that no other participant gets frustrated while they are trying to click on the link and unable to enter. I am unable to get the IDs from the participants from these sessions who were requested to return their submissions. What should I do? I don’t want to reject these participants.

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Dear Anwesha

I am not sure about the whether the participants should be rejected or not but…

In order to manually exclused these participants from your next session, go to the previous study results page, click on “Download Demographic Data,” extract the “Participant ID” in the second column and somehow find the problematic participants (perhaps by their sex and age?) and copy and paste these, on the next study set up age, to “Add Screener” > “Custom Screener” (at the bottom) “Custom Blocklist” and save.

Also come to think of it, if you have requested some participants to return their sessions then presumably you did so using the messaging on Prolific and that displays their Participant ID as well.

Does that work?


Hi Tim,

Thank you so much for your excellent suggestions. You have helped me solve the problem, thanks a lot again.