Launching parts of the experiment from different accounts

My supervisor and I designed an experiment with two parts. The first is the training session, and the second is the experiment session. As we want to use the money in both accounts, we decided to do the baseline session from one account and the experiment session from the other. The same participants will complete the baseline first and experiment session second. We plan to open the second experiment to participants who complete the first one by using their prolific ID. Do you think finding the second experiment from a different account would be a problem for the participants? Or do you have a better idea to direct them to the second experiment from a different account?

Dear Kerime

I think it should be okay to use the two separate accounts. The participants are unlikely to notice that you are using separate accounts. if you state in the study descriptions that you are the same researcher.

Problems may arise in that participants may respond to one or other researcher account using the messaging system, about either study, so I recommend you look at the message inboxes of both your own and your supervisor’s account.

Other than that you could ask support to move the money from one account to the other (but that MAY involve a fee, I am not sure).


Timothy Takemoto
Yamaguchi University