Issue with Researcher Name on study preview


I hope you don’t mind my messaging. I have just been to preview my study before activating it, however, now when it says ‘study by’ it is giving the last part of my email instead of my prolific researcher name. Has anyone had this issue? It has not done this previously as used to say 'by…“research name” but now appears to be doing this for all studies. Does anyone know how I can stop this from happening and give the correct name?

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Dear Oxford University

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It sounds like Prolific have changed things in an attempt to achieve greater transparency.

Since we need to use an academic email address to get the academic rate it would be difficult to obfuscate our academic domain.

There is a chance that Prolific may allow exceptions but I guess it would be difficult. Your only chance would be to contact support.

I wish that changes to the GUI were announced on the forums (if they are not announced on the blog). Perhaps it was and I missed it .

I am sorry I am unable to help,