Issue with Finance: "Card Type Isn't Currently Supported"


Not sure if anyone else has run into this issue:

I published one study on Prolific about two weeks ago (9/7/2022) without any issue. I am trying to publish additional studies and need to add more money to my account. However, I am now receiving the following error: “The card type you used isn’t currently supported. Please try a different card or contact Prolific Support.”

I am using the same card as I did two weeks ago. Also, the finance portal looks slightly different than it did two weeks ago.

I contacted Prolific Support last Friday (9/16/2022), but have not heard back yet.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Well wishes,


I heard back from Prolific Support and they informed me that they are “aware of some issues surrounding our new card top-up flow. Specifically, AmEx cards are currently not supported on our new payment flow.”

Seems like a bug that they’re currently working to resolve.