Is it possible to limit when a study can be performed?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to limit participants’ access to a study based on the time of day for their specific time zone.

Ideally, I would like to have a multi-session study where the first session consists of a simple survey. “Are you a morning person or an evening person?”

Then the second session would be the actual task but those that answered morning person would have to complete the study between the hours of say 9am and 12pm. And if they answered afternoon person, the study would need to be completed between the hours or 12pm and 5pm.

Is it possible to limit when participants perform the study? Thanks.

Hello @cbcclab, welcome to the Forum!

Are you selecting participants such that they’re in the same time zone?

My 2 cents on the issue. I guess you will need to have 2 studies at your second stage: one launched at 9am and another one launched at 12 pm. You can add the Prolific IDs of, respectively, the morning people and the evening people in two separate Custom Allowlists, of course one for each study. Coming to your point, Prolific does not have a feature that allows to limit when a study can be taken. That is, the moment you publish your study, it becomes available to the eligible participants selected and then they can at any time take it, until you have collected all required submissions.

However, to make sure people commit to take your study at a specific time, you may want to consider adding a scheduling tool (e.g., Doodle) in your part-1-study. This is a recommendation usually made for studies that involve Interviews (see here).

Hope it helps!


Thank you for your insight!