IRB Approval and GDPR

Hello! I am a researcher in the United States trying to get approval to run a study on German participants. We are running into some questions from our IRB about if we are compliant with the GDPR. Has anyone else run into issues with this with their review board? From what I have seen on the help sites about data privacy and protection it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Thanks!

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From the Prolific side:

You should be able to find some information on this in our Privacy Policy:

More concisely, Prolific is a UK based company which complies with GDPR. All survey data is collected by researchers using 3rd party software, we do not have access to this data.

We do ourselves collect personal data about participants which we use for screening, however we only ever share an anonymised version of this data with Researchers (using Prolific IDs).

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Hello Emily!

From my side, I know the issue, and we have a similar process in my Uni where we need the approval of an Ethical Committee. We usually attach to the Privacy Policy form that Josh linked and the paper by Palan and Schitter, 2018, in case they need a detailed description of the platform.

Hope it helps!

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