Invoice Reflecting Representative Sampling Option

I have generated an invoice but noticed that it does not allow me to build in the representative sampling feature. Therefore, it does not reflect the accurate invoiced breakdown. Any ideas or suggestions about how to go about getting an accurate invoice? Also, in case Prolific creators read these, it would be nice to have a built in button feature on the invoice tool to click and then incorporate the representative sampling feature.

Dear Layelderman

I am pretty sure that this is not possible using the GUI.

Support may, and I believe should and will, create a custom invoice for you but yes, I think it is a good feature suggestion. Prolific creators may be reading this but you may also wish to post here below

I think t hat the detailed payment summary is likely to show you the charge for representative sampling though it may be embedded in the Prolific fee, after the study is complete…

[quoting myself] You can see a record of outgoing payments Studies>Completed>Action>Summary
when you have a choice between Brief or Detailed
The Brief summary shows the total payed to all participants and the total paid to Prolific to carry out each study. The detailed summary shows the amount paid to each participant together with the service charge paid to Prolific to make that payment to the individual participants.