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Hi, Everyone,

I have created a survey on “Limesurvey”. When I put the survey URL in Prolific, it says “Please enter a valid URL”.
I collected data from Prolific last year, and this issue didn’t happen. I’m not sure what the issue is. I can’t proceed with data collection until this issue is resolved. I submitted a request to Prolififc but haven’t heard back from them yet. Anyone in the community can shed light on this and suggest a possible solution.
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Welcome to the community Muhammad :slight_smile:

In the past people have had the same issue with Limesurvey it has been because Limesurvey appends a space onto the URL and then if you copy that over to Prolific, the latter objects to the space.

Please see

I hope that solves your issue. If not please let us know.


Timothy Takemoto
Yamaguchi University


Thank you very much for the swift reply. It worked after removing the space. :slight_smile:

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