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We’d love to know a bit more about you. Let us know what you’re researching, and what you like doing when you’re not researching :slight_smile:

Hi all,

It is great to be on Prolific. I research literacy development at Leeds Trinity University and Bangor University. I’m currently working on a few things including visual-verbal binding and literacy. When i’m not working i like to be out exploring.




Hi there,

I am Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology at Wrexham Glyndwr University. I did my PhD alongside @Cameron_Downing at Bangor University. My research background is in psycholingusitics, language learning, and bilingualism. I used Prolific for the first time in August to collect participants for a validation study of a new Welsh lexical corpus. It went very smoothly :slight_smile: I using Gorilla a lot at the moment and integrating it into teaching at WGU but I in the process of developing an online cognitive-behavioural intervention for the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, which we will be rolling out soon.

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Hey @JoshSPayne & @Cameron_Downing, welcome to the community! Super excited to have you here in our Gorilla enclave :tada:

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Hi all!

I am an assistant professor at Texas State University (right outside of Austin, TX). I study child development with a focus on the role of conformity in shaping behavior and beliefs across cultures. Right now I’m using Gorilla and Prolific to study the development of religion-relevant cognitive biases in children being raised in secular U.S. families.

When I’m not working (and even when I am) I am busy chasing after two kiddos under 3.



Hi everyone!
Your friendly neighbour Gorilla here - excited to be teaming up with Prolific to help you do great research and talk all things online research :grin:

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