👋 Introductions

Say hi to your fellow researchers! Share your institution/company, area of expertise, and, if you feel like it, something you enjoy doing in your spare time!

I’ll go first:

I’m Josh, and I’m the Community Manager here at Prolific which means I’ll be running our community with your help! So, if you need anything or just want to say hi, pop me a message.

When I’m not community managing, you may find me coaching archery, reading philosophy or hiking :walking_man:


Hi all.

I am Jonas, I have a lot to learn about the researcher community but I feel I am in good company.
I work as a backend engineer for Prolific, I have been working to ensure the high quality of our participants and now I am working with the growth team understanding how to simplify integrations with the tools you use to do research.

I love science because it is succeeding at making the world a better place for everybody.
After work, I like traveling, reading, and having coffee with firends.


Hey Jonas, great to have you aboard!


Hi everyone :wave:

My name is Andrew, I am the academic lead at Prolific, which means I work to bring Prolific closer to our amazing researchers! I work as part of the growth team, which mostly involves finding ways that we can make your Prolific experience even better!

I have a background in academia (PhD in cognitive neuroscience from University of Bristol) so I am really looking forward to you all about all the interesting projects you are working on.

When I am not working I love to get out into nature (hiking/surfing etc.), tinker with and ride motorbikes, and play any boardgame I can get my hands on.


Hi all :wave:

I’m Tom, Customer Success Manager at Prolific - my role involves helping researchers to get the best out of the platform. Outside of work, I enjoy reading with a particular interest in ancient history, bouldering and drawing.

Looking forward to meeting you in the forum!


Hi everyone,

I’m Lucie, Product Manager in the Impact Squad at Prolific which is all about the improving the Researcher experience. Please do reach out with your ideas and pains, I’m always up for a chat.
Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi everybody :wave:

I’m Charlie and I work in the Support Team. I look after our wonderful participants
and I’m looking forward to helping our amazing researchers too!
I love hearing feedback from our users so I can help improve the product and service we offer.

Outside of work I enjoy finding new music, watching movies (new and old), and rambling walks in the woods :deciduous_tree:

Catch up with you all soon! :partying_face:


Hi everyone!

I’m Rob and I’m Head of Product here at Prolific. I lead our fantastic product managers, designers and user researchers as they work with their teams to build and improve our systems and add new features for you all.

I’ve always been obsessed with how software systems work and how we can solve complex problems through great design and engineering. I’ve previously worked in market research, health tech and retail and ecommerce businesses and joined Prolific a year ago.

Away from work, I love spending time outdoors waking with my dog, hiking, running and cycling, and riding my motorbike when I can.

Look forward to chatting with you all!


Hey everyone,

I’m Zak, part of the Support team with a focus on researchers! I’m currently working as the Researcher Support Analyst, where I enjoy using support insights to contribute towards product changes/improvements.

In my spare time, I can usually be found cooking (or planning the next meal), and listening to jazz. Look forward to chatting soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Everyone :wave:

My name is Claire, I am the junior financial controller at Prolific. My role includes helping to maintain Prolific’s financial records and helping researchers with any finance queries. I am currently working alongside the scalability team to consider how our financial systems can be improved as we grow.

Outside of work, I love getting outside for long walks with my dog, socialising with friends and musical theatre.


Hi everyone :blush:

I’m Claire, a frontend developer at Prolific, which means I work on building out the platform itself. I’m looking forward to learning more about how everyone uses the platform and how we can improve.

Outside of work, I’m into all types of crafting but my current favourites are sewing and knitting.


Hi guys, excited to be the first person outside of the Prolific Team to intro :wave:

I’m Daniel, I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of OpinionX, a social survey platform that helps product and UX teams to discover their users’ biggest unmet needs, pains and motivations in just one click.

I’ve been learning loads about the world of research over the last year since we started our first beta tests in Feb 2020; from customer discovery and user interviews to usability testing and running our own social survey case studies. Looking forward to getting involved in the community, learning more about user research and participant recruitment, and getting the inside scoop from the Prolific team :slight_smile:

I’m usually based in Dublin, Ireland but with all things moving to remote work due to COVID, I made a one-way trip to the south of Portugal a few weeks ago so currently learning (or attempting to learn) how to surf on the weekends… @Andrew_Gordon some tips would be great :sweat_smile:


Hi all! I’m Kirsten and I enjoy researching the role of technology in branding at the University of Edinburgh. I’m a quantitative researcher focusing mainly on experiments, but enjoy learning new methods.

I’m excited to get to know you better and the forum.


Hey @daniel great to have you onboard!

I’m incredibly jealous that you are surfing in Portugal - I learned to surf in Australia, but have been relegated to the freezing waters off Bournemouth beach :cold_face:

Happy to chat and share some tips (although I am a long way from a pro), feel free to send me a direct message :slight_smile:


Hi Kirsten, it’s great to have you here! Feel free to post in General Research Chat if you’d like to see what research methods the community uses :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

I’m Danny, head of growth here at Prolific :slight_smile: ; really looking forward to seeing some interesting discussions coming up on this forum, and connecting with you all!

Have a great rest of the week.



I am Jonas, a Ph.D. student at Karlstad University, currently setting up my first pilot study. I will use Prolific to examine a little manipulation of “future self-continuity” and whether it affects healthy and/or sustainable behaviors.

Looking forward to standing on the shoulders of all you Prolific-giants!


Hi Jonas, great to have you here! That research sounds fascinating. I’d love to learn a bit more about your study. What healthy/sustainable behaviours are you focusing on?

(let me know if you need any help setting up the pilot :slight_smile: )

Hi everyone! I am a user researcher and I’ve been working at Prolific for just over a year. You may have received an email from me inviting you to take part in a survey or interview :wink:

When I am not researching, I love going for walks esp at the beach, painting, listening to audiobooks and gardening.


Hi everyone
I’m Trina a Psychology academic at the Open University, UK.
I’ve used Prolific along with Gorilla for a face recognition study and hoping to use it more in the future.
I’m especially interested in recruiting participants from different countries and different ethnicities as I study the own race bias in face recognition, the phenomenon whereby we are better at identifying faces that are the same race as us and worse with faces that are from a different race to us.