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I’ve wondered what should be included in my intro part of my study besides consent? I’ve been trough the best practice guide for study details, but these are things that I will tell participants before they will click on the link to take part in. On the first page of my survey, participants will see consent information. But do you have to repeat again the reward and duration of your study? Do I need to mention our institute again? They will see it in the study details anyway, so I do not know what is best practice here.

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Hi @Elena_Groben , this is very much up to you! (Aside from the consent part, as you mention.)
I have posted the entire consent form on the Prolific study description, and again at the beginning of the study. If incentives are important maybe repeat those?

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Hi Elena

As Paul points out, it is entirely up to you, but, bear in mind that in order to join studies before they fill up participants pretty much have to click on the start button before they have read the study details. So I would put everything that you want the participants to read in body of your survey as well.

If it relates to payment .e.g. having to complete multiple parts in order to be paid, then I would also check that the participants have read the information with"Yes, I realise that I have to complete multiple parts to be paid" check-boxes.


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