Increase participation by reaching more countries

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I’ve got a question. For an ongoing study I’d like to increase participant reach by adding additional countries, can I do that with an active survey, and if so, how? If not, what are the steps to duplicate the active study (so I don’t lose anything) and change the reach? Thank you, Joachim

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Alas it is not possible to add countries to an active study, since it is not possible to change screeners after a study has been launched. I forget why, but it feels reasonable.

However you can “Duplicate Study” from the top right “Action Menu” and then change the screeners in the duplicate study.

A custom blacklist will be automatically added to the duplicate study to prevent those that have taken the original from taking the duplicate.

You will need to update the completion link (or completion code to be copied) in your survey software to that supplied by the duplicate study.

Hmm. That means that both the original and the duplicate can’t point to the same survey at once, in parallel, unless your survey software site has, and you use, some sort of branching based on country.

Google forms (that I use) has branching but I can’t branch to separate submit buttons and I put the completion link in the message that is displayed after participants submit. Using multiple studies to link to the same survey seems fraught.

I have never added a new demographic to an ongoing study.