IMPORTANT ANOUNCEMENT: Changes to the Competition

Our £10k Research Competition has been running for 5 weeks now, and we’ve had many fantastic entries!

But, some people have expressed concern that the duration of the competition is too short. So, to make sure everyone has enough time to enter and vote in the competition, we’re announcing two changes:

  1. A 2-week extension to the competition:

    • We’ll now be accepting entries until July 14th (midnight - GMT) 2021!
  2. A 10-day voting-only period:

    • From July 15th - 25th, all proposals will be available for evaluation and voting only. This is to ensure there is adequate time for our community to evaluate and vote for proposals submitted nearer to the deadline. So, at the very least, every proposal will get 10 days to gather votes.
    • We won’t be accepting new entries during this time.

We look forward to seeing your proposals! And don’t forget to vote for the existing ones.

Entrants FYI (you’ll also receive an email with an offer of a thank-you reward for submitting an entry)
@Sarah_Tashjian @CrisEdwards @AS_Revill @Markus_Eyting @Joel_Patchitt @FelipeAffonso @Katrina_McDonough @emcresearch3000 @Lenka_Fiala
@Michael_Parent @Polly_Barr @Marica_Valente @Kevin_McCaffree
@Manuel_Spitschan @Bruno_Verschuere @AlonZivony @Kevin_Vezirian
@Greg_Keenan @John_Cook @Jordan_Ho @Maja_Adena @Taylor_Bondi
@Sinan_Alper @byall @Oluwatobi_emmanuel @cspsychology
@Thomas_Rhys_Evans @Juergen_Huber @James_Reynolds @Richard_Brown
@T.A.G_Venema @Sera_Wiechert @Rebecca_Hall @Victoria_Heinrich @carsten_sander

Hello, I am an entrant listed above but I did not receive an email - was I supposed to yet? Thanks!

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