How to stop additional participants from clicking the study link

Hi there,

I need a help. I will soon be running my first online experiment on Prolific. In each session I will need 40 participants. Is there any way I can stop additional participants from clicking on my study link? Is that advisable? Any advice will be much appreciated.

Hi there, you don’t need to do anything to avoid this. Just specify 40 participants as the number you wish to recruit. Prolific will stop recruiting once this many submissions have been received.

If this is your first study I’d suggest reading Prolific’s policies on screening and on rejections. Researchers new to the platform often inadvertently breach these policies, so they’re worth checking out carefully.

Hi Matt_Williams,

Thank you so much. Your advice is really helpful. I will re-read policies on screening and rejections as well. However, we do not have any extra screening questions apart from the ones already in Prolific and we also don’t really reject any participant separately.